Sailfest is one of my favorite summer events, there’s great music, awesome food, and mind blowing fireworks in evening.  This year I got to cover it, and what an amazing experience it was.  Growing up I used to go with my friends for a couple of hours, but looking at it through my camera for the entire day changed my whole perspective of of the event.  I got to talk with people I never would have otherwise met, and I learned so much because of it.  Living right near by is a luxury, so I grabbed by camera and took a shuttle down to the festival on a melting hot afternoon. I found myself in an ocean of people between tents of small businesses displaying their handmade clothing, jewelry, and food. Many cultures came together, and I met some very interesting people with great stories of their lives.


Beautiful handcrafted jewelry that will bring you right back to the ocean each time you wear it. – Earth to Ocean

I had the pleasure of speaking with this man who told me about his past and how he started a business making the absolutely delectable rum cakes.  One bite and he had me sold.

Goodway Gourmet Rum Cakes

As I walked around I saw some interesting sights, and some awesome sailboats.

My fiancé won me a giraffe with his skills at darts.

Somewhere along the way I were convinced by a street vendor selling turtles to buy one as a pet.  I’m not a fan of turtles, but these small ones were so cute.  Clearly I don’t know much about them, because I was convinced they wouldn’t grow much larger, and didn’t live very long.  Upon further research, I found out I had purchased a painted turtle that was expected to grow fairly large, and live for 15 years.  I gave it away to someone who loved turtles, and knew lots about them.  Lesson learned: never buy a pet at a fair.

After much walking around, it was time to cool off and grab a drink and dinner.  The food was delicious, and the cold drinks felt like heaven after a long day in the sun.  Dinner was followed by the most spectacular fireworks show in the county.


It was a great Sailfest for 2017, and I can’t wait for next year!

xo Anna