When the alarm went off at 4am on a freezing February morning, our vacation had officially started. My fiancé and I hopped on a plane and flew out to L.A.  We love to travel, but hate flying.  However American Airlines was very accommodating, so most of our flight looked like this.


The first half of our tip was a week in a luxurious apartment right outside of L.A. in Santa Clarita.  Lots of time was spent relaxing by the pool, cooking/getting In N Out burgers and fries, and enjoying each other’s company.

Our first venture was to Santa Monica to walk along the beach and on the famous pier.  The waves out there are unreal compared to the ones in the Sound in Connecticut.

On our last day in L.A. we drove into Hollywood to see of all the sights.  Also, to get awesome sushi, and of course, a California roll.

So far, our trip has been awesome.

Next stop: Yosemite National Park.